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  • Backtagging:  until the end of the world.  I will happily go as far back in my posts as you like.  I have no problem with picking up an old post and answering a new tag on it and I will backtag a thread for as long as you will.  I understand that RL gets in the way sometimes and it's never too late for me to pick up - or start fresh - where we left off.  This goes for the 'light' stuff (memes, DM posts, etc.) as well as the 'heavier' stuff like threads and posts in-game.  The only exception is if interaction in a past thread would interfere with how he's developed since then and that should be pretty rarely.  If in doubt, simply ask.
  • Threadjacking: feel free.  Unless something's marked 'private' I'm fine with adding as many voices to a thread as feel like jumping in.  Exceptions being of course if the person I'm in the thread with doesn't want threadjacking in which case I defer to their preference.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:  finger?  what the hell?! you can try.  Cloud's pretty comfortable with dealing with crazy people and chances are he'll just roll with it and shrug it off later on.  If it seems to be going too detailed and driving I'll let you know with a PM.
  • Picking Fights/Showing Affection: we're comfortable with this with the understanding that, of course, Cloud's reactions to any of it will be in-character and possibly heavily reactive.  If that's good with you, let fly and we'll roll right along with you.
  • Mindreading: Cloud's mind is a shattered maze of tangled threads and dead ends.  Reading anything more than a simple surface thought should be a real challenge.  Hell, half the time he can't read his own mind.  Ask for permission for anything heavy and we'll see where things go from there.  Expect violent reactions though - he's been head fucked before and he's not in the mood to risk it happening again.
  • Smut: given the right circumstances and relationship, it's possible.  It's not probable however.  Cloud might be a guy with all the hormones of an early twenties male but he's also repressed and shy as hell.  Whatever happens, it's going to require build up over a long period of time.  He also likes the girls.  The most a guy is going to get is bromance.  Awkward, self-conscious, repressed bromance.
  • Time:  I travel.  A Lot.  Usually I'll be MIA for a week or more at a time at least once a month because of this.  I will always try to warn new writing partners before I disappear but if I do, chances are this is why.  This also means I will be very careful with how many new posts I tag and when I post.  I refuse to be a 'flaky Cloud' and that means doing my best not to overreach myself and have to drop threads or not have enough time to concentrate on the ones I do have.  If I don't tag a post of yours it's not a lack of interest, it's a lack of time on my part and my trying to keep a balance.  Please don't be offended.  And on that note, if you have a thread you'd particularly like me to tag, tell me so.  I will set aside time to do so and be able to give it the attention it deserves.  My RP and my RL have to balance and at this time the best way I can do that is by concentrating on small portions at a time.  When I am home, my main hours for writing are late at night to early morning and I will usually be around Internetland for almost all that time so that's when the bulk of my posting and responses will be going out and I'll be available for rapid fire (semi-rapid fire, this is 'I have to over think EVERYTHING' Cloud, we're talking about) responses.
  • Length:  and on that note - this is a Cloud that drifts all over the place in his own head.  Therefore, more often than not, his responses even to action logs are going to be... wordy.  And lengthy.  And rambly.  It's one of the things I wanted to experiment with when I picked him up.  Please never feel as if you have to respond with a tag of the same length.  This is headcase!Cloud we're dealing with and there's no way I expect your character to suffer through the same experience themselves.  Short responses are more than fine and won't disappoint or trip me up in any way.  As long as you give me enough to work with, we're good.  Don't worry about length.  It doesn't make any difference to me.
  • Ask.  Ask, ask, ask.  If there's any question, any doubt, you want to try something wild or wooly or out there - just ask.  I'm open to a lot and letting me in on what you're thinking will go a long way toward keeping Cloud from digging in his heels and refusing to go any further.  And in the same vein, if anything turns uncomfortable please PM me and let me know.  I try to be very careful not to step on toes but - Cloud's got some pretty big clodhoppers on him.  I'd rather know so I can fix something than risk making the same mistake a second time through unawareness.


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